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Why Precast Concrete is the future of residential construction.

When you think precast concrete panels, you likely think warehouses and large-scale industrial construction. A basic precast concrete panel consists of steel reinforcement and concrete, assembled and poured onto a smooth table to set. From there it is transported to the project where it becomes the structure, walls or feature of the building – or all of the above. Precast concrete panels are widely loved in the commercial sector for their versatility, and we at Perryman Group know you will love them for your new home too.

Well-designed homes save you money long term, and nothing says long term like concrete. By absorbing the heat from the sun during the day and slowly releases the energy at night, our 150mm thick precast concrete panels increase the thermal mass of your building, and ultimately reduce the heating bills and running costs of your home. In the life of your home, you will never have to fix cracked rendering or replace weatherboards, your home will look its best for years to come.

Image: rendering of a current project utilizing precast throughout

Much of Regional Victoria is classified as a high bushfire area, but precast concrete surpasses the national standard for Flame Zone construction with no additional costs or treatments, making it the logical option for claddings in high BAL rated areas.

So all that sounds great, but what about the aesthetics? Maybe grey isn’t your style. Many people are surprised to learn that precast concrete panels can be made in a huge range of colours and patterns. Artistic patterns or realistic looking wood or brick made entirely out of concrete, if you can think it Perryman Group can probably make it. We are specialists in making precast concrete panels for architectural applications; exposed, coated, stencilled or moulded – and anything in-between.

Perryman Group are design & construct specialists, and unique in the industry is our in-house precast manufacturing capabilities out of 2 precast manufacturing facilities based in Bendigo. This provides considerable cost-savings to our clients, as well as full customisation and greater expertise to guide you during the design process.

Thinking of a new home? Think precast. Think Perryman Group.

Image: rendering of a current project utilizing precast throughout

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