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Smart, superior precast concrete solutions

Perryman Group is a specialist manufacturer of high-quality precast concrete products for the construction industry.

From our office and factory in Bendigo, we design and manufacture high-quality precast concrete products for engineering and construction projects throughout Victoria.

With extensive experience in the sector, we offer rapid solutions using the latest pre-stressing, post-tensioning and high-strength technologies.

Correctly designed and manufactured precast panels and forms ensure fast installation, high levels of stability, decreased weather dependency, increased accuracy and significantly reduced loose reinforcement requirements.

For these reasons, Perryman Group products are perfect for all manner of architectural, marine, utility, public transportation, agricultural and civil engineering infrastructures.


Benefits of precast concrete construction

Precast concrete is an efficient, functional method of construction that makes stunning buildings possible.

Precast forms and panels can take nearly any size or shape, comes in a wide variety of colours and finishes, so you can make your creative vision come to life.

Perryman Group products are made at our manufacturing plant in Bendigo and delivered to the building site ready to install by our professional crew or yours.

Built to withstand Australian conditions, our precast concrete provides superior resistance to fires, natural disasters, termites, mould and decay, meaning lower maintenance and insurance costs over time.

Thermal mass benefits of precast concrete provide greater energy efficiency. Due to the density of the material, prefabricated concrete structures also absorb sound, making it an ideal choice for commercial and residential building complexes.


Precast concrete is a more sustainable choice

Precast concrete is a smart choice for sustainable and environmentally responsible developments.

Concrete has an outstanding ecological profile compared to metal, glass, polymers and plastics. Viewed side by side, it consumes fewer raw materials and energy, produces less harmful by-products and causes less damage to the environment than other common commercial building materials.


Durability is another sustainable attribute. As precast concrete structures don’t rust, rot or burn, they require less energy and resources over time to maintain, repair and replace broken parts.


Structures built with concrete have top-notch energy performance, reducing your power consumption and heating and cooling costs.

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